💌 About

HI! I'm Aero MaccaFrodownlee!👋

I spend my days soaking up all things Triathlon and hope to share whatever I feel is interesting. I started a newsletter in 2023 and have been sending out weekly emails ever since. My aim is to be conversational while sticking to a few bullet points that will be:

  • Easy
  • To
  • Read

Frequency of mails:

  • Friday preview of upcoming races
  • Monday recap of the races as well as a summary of the past week

I have loads of unread newsletters in my inbox that I can never seem to find a quiet moment to get through. Hopefully my bullet point format will make reading my mails possible. Please keep me honest with this and let me know if I get a bit wordy!

If you're on social media, why not give me a little follow? Insta: @AeroOatsTri or Twitter: @AeroOats. You can also email me on "aero at aerooats.com"

Who am I? A late thirty something age-grouper from South Africa who has been doing the sport since 2003. I've gone from:

  • 🏁 Trying to swim 600m without resting
  • 📈 Dreams of making the Olympics
  • 📈 Dreams of doing an Ironman
  • 📈 Dreams of doing Kona
  • 📉 Hoping to get a personal best
  • 📉 Just trying to stay consistent amongst work and family

Yours in low CdA,

Aero MaccaFrodownlee